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Advantages of Australia Family Visa

Family is always a priority. You are welcome to visit Australia with your family members. What is an immigrant sponsored by a family? The Australian immigration office has launched the family visa in an effort to rejoin families. Under certain restrictions, partners, parents, kids, in addition to the other family members are allowed to immigrate to Australia. While we process the family visa, members of the family can live, work, and study in Australia under this visa.
They can make as many travels to and from Australia as they like.
If they are qualify, take advantage of the free English classes offered by the Adult Migrant English Program. While we process your permanent Partner visa, you are able to live, work, and study in Australia on this visa. You can make as many trips to and from Australia as you like. If you qualify, take advantage of the free English sessions offered by the Adult Migrant English Program.

As an Australian PR or citizen, you are eligible to sponsor members of your close family via any of the following streams:


Parent Visa

A parent visa, which grants them permanent residency in Australia, may be available to parents who have at least half of their children living there permanently. The applicants for a parent visa (Subclass 103) must not already be in possession of or have submitted an application for a Sponsored parent (Subclass 870).


Spouse Visa

You must be married, in a de facto partnership, in a registered relationship, or engaged to sponsor a partner. Married applicants allowed you to stay, live and work in Australia permanently. A prospective spouse visa allows you to stay, study, and work in Australia for nine to fifteen months from the date the visa is granted.


Child Visa

This visa is granted to children under the age of 18, full-time students ages 18–25 who are financially dependent on their parents and were born to parents or step-parents who are Australian citizens, eligible New Zealand citizens, or hold permanent residency in Australia. To apply for this visa, the child must be outside of Australia.

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