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Canada Work Permit Via LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)

Migration to Canada through the Job Offer Programme allows candidates from abroad to apply for a work permit and, later, a pathway to permanent residency in Canada.
To be eligible to apply, candidates must have a legitimate offer of employment from a Canadian employer.
The position being offered must be a managerial, professional, technical, or skilled labour role, and it must be a full-time, permanent one.
The position must be compensated according to the industry standard in the province or territory where it is located. Also, applicants must meet the requirements for the role in terms of training and experience. Candidates can submit an application for Canadian permanent residency after the employment offer has been accepted. The program’s processing time is determined by the application’s complexity.
Review of the potential impacts of hiring a foreign worker on the Canadian labour market is made in a document called a Canada LMIA, or Labour Market Impact Assessment. Employers must have it in order to hire a foreign worker. By requiring that foreign employees only be employed when no competent Canadian workers are available, the LMIA contributes to the protection of the Canadian labour market.

Benefits of LMIA​


Increased Competitiveness

Employers may better maintain their competitiveness in a global market by using the LMIA procedure to find and hire the best people overseas.

Reach Canadian Labor Market

By enabling firms to hire foreign employees, the LMIA opens up access to the Canadian labor market which has been developed progressively stronger during 2022.

More Worker Mobility

The LMIA procedure encourages worker mobility by enabling people to relocate to other nations in search of new employment possibilities.

Simplified Visa Processing

The LMIA procedure can assist in simplifying the visa application process for foreign employees, enabling businesses to acquire staff more swiftly and effectively.

Employment Opportunities

The LMIA procedure can assist international employees to find new jobs in the public and private sectors and acquire experience on the Canadian labor market.

Time of Processing

Normal applications, getting benefit of the LMIA  short-term processing. The foreign workers’ impact will be evaluated through an online service by the  government.

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