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Canada Start-Up Visa

Start-Up Visa Program

Do you have an innovative business idea? You might be permitted to immigrate to Canada if one of the designated groups agrees to support your plan. The ideal option for qualified candidates is the strong Canada Start-Up Visa Program since it will be managing several goals at once.
Each company has a different approach to expressing ideas. Every company has different requirements. For example, you could be required to make a live presentation of your business idea or submit a comprehensive business plan.A letter of support will be sent if you and the designated organisation can come to an agreement. Once you submit your application to us, you should attach this letter. This is the proof you need to provide to show the support your business idea has from the venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator.

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Benefits of Start-Up Visa

A successful Start-Up application enables the applicant to bring their family along on the migration journey, operate their own business, and make secure investments.  Obtaining permanent residence for successful applicants, leading to dual citizenship, can be considered a major advantage.

The spouse or common-law partner and children under 22 years old who do not have a spouse are dependents of the main applicant. There is no need to provide the source of funds. There won’t be any limit on age for the main applicant as well as the spouse. It’s a fast processing program, and the applicant and dependents can start  to live, work, and study upon approval.

Following approval, successful applicants will have access to high-quality, subsidised education in Canada. It is possible to sponsor family members to come to Canada. Finally, you can apply for Canadian citizenship after three years of permanent residence.

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