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Can I have dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship eligibility is subjected to your country’s rules

Your native country has their own policies on dual citizenship. Some will allow you to keep your own passport and also let you attain Australian citizenship, whilst others will ask you to relinquish your current passport should you want Australian citizenship. Some countries have a formality of seeking permission first. It is advisable to check the rules of your native country.

Can I have more than one visa?

No. You can only have one visa.

Can I live anywhere in Australia?

This all depends on the visa subclass. Some visas require applicants to settle in designated regions of Australia for a set period of time. Other visas have no geographic restrictions.

Can I submit an EOI if I have not completed an English language test, skills assessment or Job Ready program?

No, not if you need these in order to submit an EOI. If you are submitting an EOI for a points based visa, you must have completed an English language test, skills assessment or job ready program (if applicable) before you submit a complete EOI.

Do you need to be an Australian citizen to buy a house?

No, permanent residents can purchase property in Australia.

How can I find out where I am ranked if I’m interested in a points based visa?

You will not be able to view your ranking. When you submit your completed EOI, you will be shown your points score. You will not be able to view your ranking position because this will change as other EOIs are submitted and/or withdrawn from SkillSelect.

How do I know if I qualify for a Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) to Australia?

By completing the Free Eligibility Assessment you will a have better understanding of your eligibility to apply for aSkilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189).

I’m a good sportsman. Can I apply for a visa on grounds of this?

Are You a Distinguished Talented?

If you have a Distinguished Talent and you have an exceptional or outstanding record of achievement in the arts or sport you may apply under this sub class. You must be nominated by an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, an eligible New Zealand citizen or an Australian organisation of national reputation in the occupation, profession, or activity in which you have an outstanding talent. Your nominator should complete an application form and include a brief resume of their own standing in the field.

If I am not invited to lodge a visa application, will I be entitled to review rights?

No. An EOI is not a visa application. You cannot access merits review by the Migration Review Tribunal. The review process is for eligible people whose visa application has been refused or cancelled.

What about my children?

If they are still under your roof and dependent on you, they will be included on your visa. Married / Independent children will not qualify under your visa.

What if my circumstances change after submitting my EOI?

Expression of Interest (EOI)

You must update your EOI. If your circumstances change, you are required to update your EOI in SkillSelect. You should update your details to reflect any additional qualifications or experience you have obtained. SkillSelect will automatically take the changes into account and, if appropriate, will update your ranking. This may increase your chances to be invited.

What is the pass mark for the points tested visas?

Minimum Score of 65 Points

A points test pass mark exists for the points tested skilled migration visas and the business innovation and investment visa. The points tested skilled migration visas – subclasses 189, 190 and 489 have a points test pass mark of 60 points. The business innovation and investment visa – subclass 188, has an innovation points test pass mark of 65 points.

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