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Australia Point-Based Assessment

Your relocation journey starts with a migration assessment. Are you interested in learning more about the PR score for Australian Permanent Residence? For the country’s advantages, Australia is a popular destination for immigrants from many countries. It is a popular choice for Indians since it boasts some of the greatest colleges in the world and a variety of work opportunities.

Read on to learn about the Australian PR score, what it represents, and how it affects your application for permanent residency. Australia’s PR Score: Points-Based Assessment for Immigration Australia makes it easier for talented people to immigrate by using a point-based system to determine applicants’ eligibility. Although the point system initially appears to be convoluted, it is actually rather simple.

When applying for a Skilled Independent visa or a Skilled Nominated visa, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Obtain an Australian PR score of 65 or above.
  • Get an invitation to apply
  • Your position must be listed on the MLTSSL for Australian Skilled Occupations.
  • Have a job-specific skills assessment.

Canada Point-Based Assessment

Having your qualifications assessed is required if: Your
credentials have gotten from outside of Canada will need to be assessed, such as: immigrate to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker migrate to Canada to work in a particular profession or trade come to Canada to study education, employment history, and professional certifications Assessing your skills will assist you in:
Show potential employers what you are capable of.
Consider the kinds of employment for which you could be suited. Determine whether your qualifications meet the requirements for Canadian workers.
determine if you require further education, training, or Canadian job experience.
Before you travel for Canada, you can start the process of having your qualifications verified and recognized. This takes both money and time.




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