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UK Innovator & Start-Up Visa

UK Innovator Visa

The UK has long been a key economic and diplomatic entity in the world. London, which presents a worldwide economic outlook, is the financial capital of the world. The UK is well-known for its open, international culture and some of the best educational institutions in the world.

Being a British innovator is possible

Our all-inclusive legal and business services allow you to take advantage of the numerous privileges of UK residency and begin the process of obtaining British citizenship. The Residence by Investment innovator visa is targeted at people with an effective business background and enables applicants to build or operate an existing business in the UK. Candidates must provide a business plan and invest GBP 50,000 in a firm that has received the Home Office’s support and approval.

Eligibility Criteria

To obtain this visa you need to:

  • To invest at £50,000 least. The Tier 1 Entrepreneurship visa’s prior £200,000 minimum investment has been cut to £50,000. 
  • Establish a UK company that has to receive approval from a government agency. 
  • After three years of residence in the UK, you can apply for permanent residence (ILR).

The key to success in obtaining a successful innovator or start-up visa is having an original business idea. Each and every type of business is subject to consideration. Innovation, viability, and sustainability are important.

UK Start-Up Visa

If your business idea has been accepted, you should apply for a start-up visa and complete the proper documents. Those who use the start-up path are allowed to bring their dependent spouses and kids to the UK. “Start-up” is not a path to citizenship. A person could be eligible to move along the Innovator route, which leads to permanent residency and citizenship by start-up. If you want to launch an innovative business in the UK, your service or product must be distinctive compared to the alternatives. Your business idea must be assessed by an endorsing body. An endorsement letter will be issued if your age is 18 or above and you own a unique idea. You must provide financial proof to cover your personal expenses in the UK .

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